The Ultimate Resource for Listing Vocal Talent

Projects in multiple industries may need help from talented vocalists at some point, for things like video games, television, music, or even commercials. Finding the perfect voice for your project can captivate your audience and bring your projects to life.

Before anything, companies need to be able to source the right voice for their project. This process can be overwhelming with the amount of information and services available when searching through Google. However, this process can be streamlined with the use of Voqlr, your ultimate resource for finding talented vocalists without the headaches.

How Do I Find Talented Vocalists?

There are tons of talented vocalists available around the world, with different skills and experiences to offer. From seasoned veterans to brand new artists, you have plenty of options available to choose from. Generally, there are three ways to source your vocal talent.

  1. Individual Websites: Vocalists often have their own websites that feature a contact form, a portfolio with samples of their work, and a standard biography. You'll be able to contact talent directly to set up an order for your vocals. However, the downside is that there is no guarantee you'll receive precisely what you need. If an order goes wrong or your buyer doesn't deliver as promised, you won't have an easy way to receive a refund.

  2. Word of Mouth: If you're trying to find a vocalist, you may browse through undiscovered artists on the Internet or listen to the local radio. You can try to contact the talent directly to find a vocalist. However, this has some drawbacks. You won't know the exact price they charge. They could be out of your budget and unwilling to negotiate on price. You also don't have any way of knowing you'll receive the work you're looking for and won't have many options to receive refunds if they don't provide the quality you expect.

  3. Voqlr: Voqlr is the safest and top-quality vocalist sourcing website a company can choose for their acapella needs. You'll be able to browse through hundreds of talented vocalists to find your perfect match. You'll own full rights to the track, as it is delivered royalty-free, which allows you to use it for whatever purpose you want. Plus, you'll have the protection and safety net of using Voqlr to ensure satisfaction with your order.

Benefits of Finding a Vocalist on Voqlr

Using Voqlr is the best way to find the ideal vocalist for your project. If you're curious about the advantages of using Voqlr as a music producer, check out our top benefits below.

Voqlr Is Valuable for Vocalists

If you're a vocalist, you need to be on the Voqlr platform. Whether you're an established artist or looking to become the next prominent vocalist, you need to be using a platform that allows you to be exposed to producers around the world. It's easy to sign up with Voqlr to start sharing your content and receiving our platform's benefits.

Voqlr is Your One-Stop-Shop

From providing music producers with high-quality vocalists to presenting vocalists with an easy, secure platform to earn money for their talent, Voqlr is your one-stop-shop for your vocalist needs. Sign up with an account to start your vocalist journey, or click through our library of vocals to see examples of the high-quality content our platform provides.