How to create unique vocals

In the music industry, having a unique vocal style can be key to creating a memorable sound. Crafting creative, distinctive vocals is an essential skill for any musician, and there are several strategies you can use to ensure your vocal lines stand out. Whether you’re writing a song for yourself or someone else, here are some tips for writing unique vocals.


Start with a Unique Concept

When you’re writing lyrics, it’s important to start with an original concept that sets you apart from other artists. Brainstorm interesting topics and ideas, and think of ways to express them in a creative way. Consider how you can convey your message in a unique way and use metaphors and similes to make your lyrics stand out. Writing from a personal perspective can also help you create a more unique sound.


Draw Inspiration from the Music

The music you’re writing to can have a big impact on the type of vocals you’re creating. Listen to the instrumentation and the energy of the track and let it inform the lyrics you write. You can also draw inspiration from other artists’ tracks and combine different styles to create something new and unique.


Experiment with Different Vocal Styles

When it comes to writing vocals, it’s important to experiment with different styles and techniques. Try changing up the tempo and pacing of your vocals, and experiment with different vocal effects. You can also try layering different vocal lines to create more depth and texture. The key is to find a style that works for you and use it to create something unique.


Utilize Wordplay and Rhyme

Using clever wordplay and rhymes can help you create more unique vocals. Try using double entendres or puns to add a creative twist to your lyrics. Play with different rhyme schemes and use slant rhymes or internal rhymes to make your lyrics stand out.

These are just a few tips for writing unique vocals. With practice and dedication, you can create memorable lyrics that will help you stand out as an artist. By using these strategies, you can create a distinctive sound and make your vocals truly unique.