Introducing Cover Vocals

At Voqlr, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the music production industry, and we're proud to announce our latest offering: Cover Vocals. This innovative new feature allows producers to access a vast library of popular songs performed by talented vocalists, recorded in professional studios, and ready to be used in your next production.

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Why quality should be your #1 focus

We all want to be the best singer we can be and it’s normal to strive for excellence in whatever we do. But when it comes to singing, it’s important to strive for the highest quality. Quality is often the difference between a mediocre performance and one that really stands out. Here’s why you should always strive for the highest quality in your singing:

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How to create unique vocals

In the music industry, having a unique vocal style can be key to creating a memorable sound. Crafting creative, distinctive vocals is an essential skill for any musician, and there are several strategies you can use to ensure your vocal lines stand out. Whether you’re writing a song for yourself or someone else, here are some tips for writing unique vocals.

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How to Come Up with Original Lyrics

Being able to write lyrics is an essential skill for any artist to learn, especially if they want to profit from their skills. The art of lyric writing may come naturally to some artists, and as soon as you sit down to write, the words start to flow. However, if you don't have any writing background, you might find it extremely difficult to get started with the process or find your flow.

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How to Record Vocals as a Vocalist

If you're a vocalist, one of your top priorities is to produce high-quality vocal audio for your listeners. The most successful vocalists use a bunch of techniques to ensure they have the best sounding vocals that will entice people to listen to their work and ultimately pay for their services.

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The Ultimate Resource for Listing Vocal Talent

Projects in multiple industries may need help from talented vocalists at some point, for things like video games, television, music, or even commercials. Finding the perfect voice for your project can captivate your audience and bring your projects to life.

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